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Linseed Oil 5l



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Linseed oil


  • Improves coat, skin & condition
  • High in beneficial omega 3
  • Aids weight gain
  • With added Vitamin E as scientifically recommended
  • 5 litres gives approximately 4 weeks supply


Instructions for use and feeding guide (per day):

For weight gain & condition, stamina or as an alternative to cereals:
Pony (ca 250kg) - 150ml (ca 1/2 mug)
Horse (ca 500kg) - 300ml (ca 1 mug)
Large horse (over 750kg) - 450ml (ca 1,5 mug)

For healthy skin & coat or to maintain existing condition:
Pony (ca 250kg) - 75ml (ca 1/4 mug)
Horse (ca 500kg) - 150ml (ca 1/2 mug)
Large horse (over 750kg) - 225ml (ca 3/4 mug)

Mix thoroughly with feed and split between meals where possible. Do not exceed the recommended intake.

Active Ingredients (per 100ml): Estimated energy: (DE) 3.7 MJ; Omega 3 (Linolenic acid) 56g; Omega 6 (Linoleic acid) 16g; Omega 9 (Oleic acid) 17g.
Composition: Linseed oil; Vitamin E; natural antioxidant (rosemary).
Analytical Constituents: Oils & Fats 99%; Protein 0%; Ash 0%; Fibre 0%; Salt 0%; Vitamin E 1000 IU/kg.
Additives (per kg): Vitamin E (as tocopherol acetate) 1000IU.

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