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Natural E 1,32kg



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Natural vitamin E & selenium supplement


  • Natural Vitamin E & Organic Selenium for greater effect
  • For horses in work or on low Vitamin E intake
  • For older horses & breeding stock
  • For horses needing muscle, respiratory or immune support<
  • 3000 IU of Vitamin E activity per daily feed
  • 1.32kg tub gives approximately a 6 week supply


Instructions for use and feeding guide:
Level 25ml (16,8g) scoops per day:

For horses on low forage intake, for breeding stock or for horses on increased oil intake:
Pony (ca 250kg) - 1
Horse (ca 450-500kg) - 2
Large horse (over 650kg) - 3

For older horses, For horses in hard work, for horses with muscle problems, poor immune function, etc:
Pony (ca 250kg) - 1,5
Horse (ca 450-500kg) - 3-4
Large horse (over 650kg) - 4

Mix thoroughly with feed and split between meals where possible. Do not exceed the recommended intake.

The Vitamin E and Selenium intake from other dietary components should be considered. If in doubt please contact a nutritionist for detailed advice.

Active Ingredients:
Per daily dose (2 x 25ml) 33.6g provides: Vitamin E 3000IU; 1mg Selenium; 5g L-Lysine; 2g DL-Methionine.
Composition: Natural Vitamin E, DL-methionine, lysine hydrochloride, organic selenium from yeast, rice flour.
Analytical Constituents: Protein 23.0%; Fibre 2.0%; Oils & Fats 7.0%; Ash 17.0%; Moisture <4%.
Additives (per kg): Vitamin E (Natural) RRR alpha-tocopherol (3a700) 95.2 KIU/kg.