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EnerGex 60g



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Horse energy supplement


  • Fast & safe source of energy
  • Use before, during or after exercise
  • Maintains glucose levels
  • For sustained performance
  • 2kg tubs gives approximately 1 month supply
  • Available also in a syringe (60g)

EnerGex can be used before exercise in horses lacking in energy and can also be given to horses with reduced appetite, for example during travelling or to old horses or poor doers. It can be given daily in feed for a more consistent supply of energy or as a syringe for use between rounds, events or at the onset of fatigue.

EnerGex syringe (60g)

Immediately before or during competition: We recommend using the EnerGex syringe.

Instructions for use and feeding guide:
Pony (ca 250kg) - 1/2 syringe
Horse (ca 500kg) - 1 syringe
Large horse (ca 750kg) - 1 syringe

Per 60g syringe EnerGex delivers 40g of slow release, complex carbohydrate.

EnerGex can be given before, during or after competition or training. If given before the start of exercise EnerGex should not be given more than 15 minutes prior to the start. For intense exercise, 2 syringes may be given. Additional syringes may be given every 1-2 hours. Given immediately after exercise, EnerGex promotes recovery. 

Composition: Isomaltulose, water.
Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein <1%; Crude Fibre <1%; Crude Oils & Fats 15%; Crude Ash 43%; Sodium 2%; Moisture 10.2%. 
Additives (per kg): Technological Additives: Xanthan gum (E415) 5g; Potassium Sorbate (E202) 1g; Sodium Benzoate (1k301) 1g. 


2kg tub

Instructions for use and feeding guide:
Level 25ml (20g) scoops per day:

To boost energy: Add the required amount in feed approximately 2-4 hours before exercise.

Pony (ca 250kg) - 2
Horse (ca 500kg) - 3-4
Large horse (ca 750kg) - 3-4

For stamina or to aid recovery: Use daily in feed up to the maximum daily dose.

Pony (ca 250kg) - 2-3
Horse (ca 500kg) - 2-4
Large horse (ca 750kg) - 2-4

Composition: Disaccharide
Analytical Constituents: Protein trace, Fibre trace, Oils & Fats trace, Crude Ash <1%.
Additives (per kg): Mixture of flavouring compounds 225mg

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